Services and Facilities

Pioneering fancy shaped Gemstones in Bespoke cuts from generations.

Bespoke are designers, casters and manufacturers of high quality gold and silver jewellery, offering our services both to private clients and to the trade.


It begins here

The grading is carried out keeping the final product in mind. It gives a clear cut idea of the metrics of finished product both in terms of size and quality


Our skilled gemcutters pierce the rough through a rotating thin saw through vivid angles to get the most out of it. With decades of experience,precision is always guranteed.


the pierced stones are exposed to grinding where they are given specific bespoke shapes requested by our clients.


Sanding is done to remove scratches left by grinding , thus assuring a flawless final product.

Final process

Lapping & Polishing

This is the pen-ulimate process where the stones are faceted. We are the pioneers in implementing Rosecut to various stone types such as tourmalines, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and many more.

The final step is giving a high-end polish to the finished product with very fine grade of diamonds. On some occasion we also produce semi- polished or unpolished stones on clients demand.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We value your hard work and know that each single design is unique and thus we strictly follow privacy policy keeping all your design ideas, master piece and mould confidential. We never publicly reveal our client’s name to other designers and strictly  abide by our non-disclosure policies.