Services and Facilities

CAD/CAM Designing | Master-Making | Mass Production | Quality check | Shipping

At Bespoke we manufacture high-end Gold and Silver jewellery in various precious and semi precious Gemstones, offering our services to world renowned designers.


It begins here

Each piece of jewelry starts off with a concept. This virtual concept comes to life as a result of close co-operation between Designer and Craftsman giving the art object a real handcrafted origin.

Master making

Bespoke Jewels has expertise in hand-crafted jewellery, with 100 skilled craftsmen working round the clock to ensure you a quality piece of jewel every time. All the jewellery component including joints, settings are hand-crafted from metal bars, wires and plates


The entire mount is carefully made clean and polished to the highest degree of smoothness so that each and every part is attractively polished off. After stage setting, the polisher is credit worthy for giving the jewelry a concluding polish


Quality check is an inseparable segment of the entire manufacturing process. Each piece of Jewel undergoes a stringent quality check by a experienced QA team.

Final process

Metal Plating

Our In-house Micron plating option facilitate Designers to opt from array of plating options such as 18K Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold and many more.

Packaging and Dispatching

The trust, bond and quality of service offered to our clients make us stand second to nothing. After the client had designed and look at the final master product, they can place a bulk order for each design. Based on the order size a tentative shipment date is notified to you in advance and we strictly adhere to it.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We value your hard work and know that each single design is unique and thus we strictly follow privacy policy keeping all your design ideas, master piece and mould confidential. We never publicly reveal our client’s name to other designers and strictly  abide by our non-disclosure policies.